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Boogieful is a dance fitness company designed to encourage plus size people to enjoy an active lifestyle, whilst breaking down the barriers of size and focusing on healthy living.

"In my experience size does not determine ones capabilities" Charlotte Clarke

Start your journey in a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment with no judgements about your size or mobility.

Choose how you want to work out - go hard with or without jumping. There is no pressure to do things your body is not yet ready to do



In an interview with Mirror newspapers Sam Blewett we find out what inspired Charlotte Clarke to set up Boogieful and what helping other plus size people means to her.

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Boogieful was set up with one aim: To give plus size people dance classes that not only they would be able to do, but that would be fun.

We welcome everyone - all genders, shapes and sizes because our philosophy is very simple: 

Run dance classes that are easy to learn, use great music and that do not put pressure on people.

Our approach ensures that people who may have had trouble finding a method of excercise enjoy what we do.

Boogieful is not a slimmers group, there are no weigh-ins or discussions about you weight, the sessions are about having fun, enjoying the music and doing things at your pace.  People who keep at it meet new friends and get fitter. How much fitter and at what pace is up to you.

Your first session is 100% free with no pressure to sign up or make any type of financial commitment.

You have nothing to lose !


Contact us today and book a session !


What Boogieful members say about us ...

 "What a welcoming bunch - I felt right at home from the first minute"

"Music was banging and the dance moves really are easy to learn - I love Boogieful"

"Charlotte is so inspirational !"

"Can't wait for the next session - loved it !"

"At Boogieful no one cares how big you are because everyone is 

here to have fun and just feel a bit fitter !"

"Great value for money, and something to really look forward to." 


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So there you have it - why not come along and see if Boogieful is for you.

We use the best Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae Dancehall and Afro Beats and teach dance moves that are easy to follow.

The pace is set by you -  we are just a group of like minded people who enjoy a dance and some fantastic music!







 Boogieful. The Old Fire Station, 55 High Street, Brentford TW8 0AH

  07904 601 889